Searching Tree

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the letter M?  This tree house is hiding more than you think.  Keep eager minds engaged by searching for letters, numbers, and shapes in this enchanting Wallzical.  Visit the Wallzical Blog for suggested activities.

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ABC's 123's Shapes Search and Find
What's in the Wallzical
A search and find game, this wall decal includes a tree with a tree house 3.5 feet tall embedded with the letters of the alphabet (A to Z), numbers 1 through 10, and simple shapes. The design also includes 1 sun with sun rays, 4 clouds, 2 flowers, 1 lettered butterfly, 1 lettered bird, and 12 bird silhouettes. Your order will arrive on a sheet of 49.5 by 29 inches. Visit the Wallzical Blog for installation tips.
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